Brief Development 


Thinking of the future is extremely important and vital part of your brief. Australia is currently facing a housing crisis and we need to come up with intelligent solutions to ensure our family and friends can have a roof over their head.  

Things to consider are:

Brief development

  • How long will you live in the house for?

  • Do you want to design for old age and therefore minimise the amount of stairs and level changes? 

  • Can you rent out a portion of the house?

  • Do you want or need spare rooms in the future?

  • Can you incorporate intelligent storage solutions to minimise on building area that is used for storage?

  • Can you sub-divide your house in the future? 

  • Do you want a granny flat, teenage bedroom, children living at home, co-housing?

  • Do you want to install solar panels, water tanks or a grey water system? 

  • How much maintenance do you want to perform on the house? 

  • What is your budget? 

  • How do you want the house to look and feel?