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New Homes 


Natural Elements is committed to helping clients design and build to best practice Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD) standards.

We are currently in the process of obtaining NatHERS Assessor Accreditation so that we can help our clients achieve high NatHERS star ratings (7 stars and above).

The majority of decisions that impact ESD are made very early in the design process and therefore Natural Elements likes to work with clients in the Preliminary Design stage (sketch design / before Town Planning)  to ensure that the proposed home can meet best practice environmentally sustainable standards. Trying to achieve a high star rating at the end of the design process once all documentation has been completed can be very costly and the options for improvement will be much more limited. 


We will soon be offering the following ESD reports.

Preliminary ESD Report (coming soon)

  • Preliminary NatHERS rating

  • Advice and option on achieving 7 + star rating

  • Heating and Cooling Systems

  • Sustainably Source Materials

  • Energy Efficiency

  • Water Efficiency

  • Meeting (optional)

Final ESD Report (coming soon)

  • NatHER Rating Certificate

  • Energy Efficiency (including NCC lighting calculator)

  • Sustainably Source Materials Review

  • Construction Waste Management

  • Meeting (optional)

If you want to work with an ESD consultant that will go beyond minimum regulatory standards and can provide you with holistic advice, please contact us.